The story behind LavinMQ

84codes, the team behind the world-leading RabbitMQ as a service provider CloudAMQP, releases a new fast open-source message broker called LavinMQ.

It all started in Sweden back in 2012...

This is the story of LavinMQ. Carl Hörberg founded 84codes back in 2012 after years of consulting. During one such project, he struggled to find a good hosting provider for message queues. That's how he identified gap in the market: a reliable provider that would allow you to set up and run a message broker with ease. Since then the team has grown rapidly and the offerings have increased from one to five standalone services. Based on the expertise acquired from this journey, 84codes are now releasing a new open-source message broker. Say hi to LavinMQ.

Why another message queueing software?

After years of hosting RabbitMQ, our Swedish based tech company realized that debugging and solving edge case issues was hard. Either it required changes that were too specific for a single use case, or it required deep knowledge of the intricate part of the underlying software/programming language. These competencies also seemed hard to find.

At one point we uncovered some technical issues for a pretty specific type of customer. This led us to start developing a new application to help out. The result was our first open-source project, called AMQP proxy. It's written in Crystal, a modern developing language.

AMQProxy was pretty easy to write, and after the release, we just kept going. We realized that we had the capability to write an entire message broker in the same fashion. One which would be both fast and more approachable than existing options.

That has been our driving force ever since.

What’s unique about LavinMQ?

LavinMQ is a high-performance message queuing software as the result of years of experience in tweaking and managing message brokers.

Throughout the years we have gathered valuable knowledge about best practices and ease of use. We have identified the do's and dont's. We have seen numerous different use cases and are constantly adapting to customer demands. All of this is something we brought to the creation of LavinMQ.

LavinMQ is built with the ease of AMQP, mixed with the best features from other popular Message Brokers. For example, to re-consume messages, like Kafka while still being as approachable as RabbitMQ. LavinMQ is a lot easier to understand and get familiar with and intends to prevent beginner mistakes by simplifying the setup and configuration of the message broker itself

We work hard to bring you a blazing fast and reliable message broker that can be up and running in no time so you can focus on what you do best: build applications.

Get familiar with LavinMQ

By visiting you will find all the technical specifications needed to get started with LavinMQ.

A beginners guide will hold your hand during setup and the LavinMQ community is always there to help. LavinMQ is truly open source but you can get a hosted instance of LavinMQ at CloudAMQP .