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Message Queueing with LavinMQ

Empowering developers with a Message Broker for high-speed communication that simplifies scaling of your system.

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Why Message Queueing?

A system that uses a queue will not crash or be overloaded, it will scale and adapt to peak hours, and achieve loose coupling to enhance performance.

Efficient Communication

Queues simplify how messages and/or tasks are exchanged between different parts of a system.

Loose Coupling

With Message Queues, parts of a system can communicate without being tightly connected.


Message Queues handle growing demands by allowing queues to expand, and supporting the addition of multiple consumers.

Load Balancing

Message Queues evenly distribute workloads across components, preventing overload and optimizing resource usage.

The message broker LavinMQ

Where speed meets simplicity

LavinMQ is a lightning-fast Message Broker for high message volumes, powered by AMQP 0-9-1, focused on peak performance.

Why we love LavinMQ

Most wanted messaging features in one broker

> 1M msg/s


LavinMQ provides fast messaging across systems.

Wide client & Language support

Enables integration across platforms with broad client language support.

Flexible Routing

LavinMQ offers flexible message routing and filtering based on criteria like message properties or destination addresses for efficient messaging.

AMQP 0.9.1 Protocol

AMQP 0.9.1 is a messaging protocol recognized for its reliability and efficiency in application and system communication.

Acknowledgements and Confirms

In LavinMQ, acknowledgments and confirms guarantee no message loss, guaranteeing reliable message delivery.

Single Binary

LavinMQ comes as a single binary, making it easy to install and manage.

Stream Queue

Support persistent message storage and replay from any point without duplication. Perfect for large-scale fanouts and real-time streaming.

Unlimited Queue Length

LavinMQ supports queue lengths that are nearly unlimited, with the only limitation being the available disk space.


Replication in LavinMQ ensures data safety and availability by duplicating it across brokers.

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Our documentation contains everything you need to know or didn't know you needed to know about LavinMQ.


Case studies

Architectural deployments

Work queues

LavinMQ is commonly used for work queues, where it distributes tasks among multiple workers. This allows tasks to be processed in parallel, and prevents any single worker from becoming overloaded. LavinMQ ensures that tasks are not lost, even if some workers fail. This setup keeps the workload balanced and contributes to the system's operational stability.

Stream Queues in LavinMQ manage streaming data, like traditional queues but optimized for real-time data flow. This design ensures that all consumers can access the required data without unnecessary duplication. It is ideal for large fanouts because multiple consumers can read the same stream. Consumers can also navigate through streams for immediate use or to review past events.

Read more in the documentation

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT involves connecting many devices that rely on constant data exchange for monitoring, automation, and analysis. LavinMQ enables reliable communication between devices, users and systems, and is specifically built to manage the high volume of connections typical of IoT environments.

Internal communication (Microservices)

LavinMQ supports internal communication by reliably passing messages between different parts of a system. It uses message queues to enable asynchronous sharing of information, making it easier to build flexible and scalable applications.

Legacy system integration

LavinMQ helps older systems work with newer ones. It enables modern applications and legacy systems to exchange data efficiently through messages that can be transmitted asynchronously.

Distributed systems

In distributed systems, LavinMQ acts as a reliable middleman, ensuring effective communication across multiple servers. It guarantees messages reach their destinations. LavinMQ can manage sudden increases in activity and enables maintenance on one part of the system without disrupting the entire service.


LavinMQ supports RPC through its message queuing features, which help handle RPC requests in a queued manner. It allows clients to both send RPC requests and receive responses simultaneously. This capability helps manage multiple RPC calls, making RPC implementations with LavinMQ scalable and responsive.

Industries empowered by Message Queues

Message Queues have broad applicability across society, spanning industries from retail, fintech, and entertainment to government and education. Learn about the diverse use-cases by exploring further here.

More than a message broker

LavinMQ is shipped with a gorgeous management interface that makes it easy to monitor and configure your queues.

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LavinMQ Community

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