The Next-Generation Message Broker.


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Fast & Reliable

Messages are written to the disk really fast and the caching is managed by the OS itself. This leads to a performance boost while keeping RAM footprint low.

User Friendly

LavinMQ is built to be flexible and easy to understand. It's AMQP 0-9-1 compatible and comes with a wide variety of clients, platforms and languages.

Resource Efficient

LavinMQ gives you more bang for the buck by maximizing performance while keeping the footprint on RAM and CPU at a minimum.

What is LavinMQ?

LavinMQ core team

LavinMQ is an extremely fast Message Broker that handles a large amounts of messages and connections. It implements the AMQP 0-9-1 protocol and runs on a single node in order to maximize performance, yet without compromising availability.

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How it works

Feature list

Wide client/language support
Truly Open Source
Pause Consumers
JSON configuration
Ordering Guarantees (FIFO)
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User-friendly Management Interface

LavinMQ is shipped with a gorgeous management interface that makes it easy to monitor and configure your queues.

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LavinMQ Management Interface screenshot