Getting started with LavinMQ

You can get started with LavinMQ by: - Setting up a hosted LavinMQ instance via CloudAMQP - this is the easiest way and we highly recommend it. - Or check out our installation guide for independent use.

New to LavinMQ?

LavinMQ is a message broker built on Crystal. LavinMQ implements the AMQP protocol.

Being a message queue software, also called a message broker, messages are published by a sending service called a producer, via the broker, to then be consumed by the receiving service called a consumer.

Essentially, like a postal service, LavinMQ, gives an organized, safe place for messages to wait until another application or part of the system can come along and consume them for processing.

Basic Publisher-Consumer illustration LavinMQ

Not very clear?

We’ve put together some learning resources that will hopefully, help you wrap your mind around message queueing and pick up LavinMQ more easily. Our learning resources are mostly built around AMQP-0-9-1 and Websockets - the protocols currently supported in LavinMQ.

For all our learning resources, there is the assumption that you have a working LavinMQ instance. Thus, to walk through these resources and especially the tutorials, it is critical that you get a managed LavinMQ instance or install it using the links above.

LavinMQ guide for beginners

This guide gives an overview of most of the important concepts on and around LavinMQ. The objective with this, is to quickly cover a wide range of LavinMQ related concepts without delving into specific details.

LavinMQ beginner tutorials

These tutorials aim to give you a more hands-on and comprehensive introduction to LavinMQ. To easily walk throught these tutorials, we encourage you to go through our LavinMQ beginner guide first.

LavinMQ advanced tutorials

Now that we understand the basics, let’s build some fun and more real-world projects with LavinMQ.

Stuck while learning?

You can ask for help directly on our Community Slack. Alternatively, ou can also use the lavinmq tag on Stackoverflow.

Ready to take the next steps? Here are some things you should keep in mind:

Managed LavinMQ instance on CloudAMQP

LavinMQ has been built with performance and ease of use in mind - we've benchmarked a throughput of about 1,000,000 messages/sec. You can try LavinMQ without any installation hassle by creating a free instance on CloudAMQP. Signing up is a breeze.

Help and feedback

We welcome your feedback and are eager to address any questions you may have about this piece or using LavinMQ. Join our Slack channel to connect with us directly. You can also find LavinMQ on GitHub.