Use case

Automated email delivery system with LavinMQ work queues

When dealing with many transactional or bulk emails in your application, they cannot all be sent simultaneously. Many automated email services rely on message queues to help run their operations.

These message queues temporarily store and manage email requests until they are processed and delivered to recipients. By using message queues, email automation services can efficiently handle large volumes of email requests, ensuring timely delivery and effective management of email campaigns.

A work queue is a basic tool used in distributed computing, widely used in different industries and applications. Whether your use case in your application is to deliver newsletters, send promotional offers, or vital transactional updates, message queues will enhance the functionality and reliability of these automated email services.


Email automation services often deal with rapidly changing demands, depending on campaign periods. Message queues allow these services to scale by decoupling the production and consumption of emails. As email requests flood in, they are queued up, ensuring no requests are lost. This scalability ensures that email campaigns can reach their intended recipients without interruptions.

Here is an example of how message flow though message queues in an automated email services:

  1. Getting ready to send emails: The email service gathers a batch of emails that need to be sent, like newsletters or special offers.

  2. Putting emails in line: These emails are lined up in a queue like people waiting for their turn.

  3. Sending email service:: Workers (email-sending services) fetch emails from the queue and send them to all recipients. Here, another queue might be used to manage the sending of the email to multiple recipients.

  4. Trying to send: The email-sending services deliver the email to the right recipients, one by one. If it works, great! If not, it might try to send it again by adding the message back to the queue.

  5. Finishing up: Once all the emails are sent, i.e. when the queue is empty, the email-sending service can take a break, until more emails are added to the queue.

By using a queue system, the email service can manage a large number of emails, ensuring that your messages reaches the correct recipients.


Message queues offer a robust layer, ensuring reliable delivery of emails. By maintaining a buffer of messages, queues provide a safety net against system failures or disruptions. If a system component becomes temporarily unavailable, like the sending email service, queued messages can be processed once the system is back online, minimizing the risk of email delivery failures.

In simple terms, message queues and LavinMQ are the heart of automated email services. They make sure everything runs smoothly in automated email systems.

Why we love LavinMQ

Most wanted messaging features in one broker

> 1M msg/s


LavinMQ provides fast messaging across systems.

Wide client & Language support

Enables integration across platforms with broad client language support.

Flexible Routing

LavinMQ offers flexible message routing and filtering based on criteria like message properties or destination addresses for efficient messaging.

AMQP 0.9.1 Protocol

AMQP 0.9.1 is a messaging protocol recognized for its reliability and efficiency in application and system communication.

Acknowledgements and Confirms

In LavinMQ, acknowledgments and confirms guarantee no message loss, guaranteeing reliable message delivery.

Single Binary

LavinMQ comes as a single binary, making it easy to install and manage.

Stream Queue

Support persistent message storage and replay from any point without duplication. Perfect for large-scale fanouts and real-time streaming.

Unlimited Queue Length

LavinMQ supports queue lengths that are nearly unlimited, with the only limitation being the available disk space.


Replication in LavinMQ ensures data safety and availability by duplicating it across brokers.

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