Use case

Enhance retail performance with LavinMQ

During peak hours, when retail operations are at their busiest, efficient communication and data exchange becomes even more critical. LavinMQ’s message queueing solution ensures that retailers can handle increased demand, optimize operations, and maximize productivity during these peak periods.

Using message queues in retail

Message queues are like connectors for different parts of operations and are used everywhere in various industries. For instance, when you make a purchase in an online store, message queues could share that information with systems managing inventory or orders. This ensures every part of the system stays updated on your order status.


We need reliable ways to handle large amounts of data. Message queues are designed to manage this by allowing the queue to grow dynamically and by adding more consumers that can help empty the queue as needed.

As retailers need to manage growing amounts of data, like during Black Friday, LavinMQ can easily increase its capacity to meet these growing demands. This ensures stable communication and data exchange between systems and devices.

This is an example of how to prepare your infrastructure:

  1. Expect more orders: Get your architecture ready for an increase of orders expected during Black Friday, by connecting extra workers to manage the upcoming workload.

  2. Monitor queue growth: Monitor the queue size in real-time as Black Friday begins, observing any rapid increases that exceed normal levels.

  3. Add more workers: Add more workers to the queue as needed, scale up to handle higher demand.

  4. Keep things running: Continuously monitor the performance of the queue and the additional workers to ensure orders are processed promptly, optimizing the shopping experience for customers.

Handle Maintenance

With LavinMQ integrated into your infrastructure, you have the ability to perform maintenance on various components. E.g. the inventory system can be maintained, without causing disruptions to the entire retail service. This means that essential updates, such as inventory management optimizations or pricing adjustments, can be implemented without affecting the flow. As a result, your retail operations remain up and running, providing a great shopping experience for your customers.

“LavinMQ offers a message queueing platform that grows with retailers’ needs. Whether it’s handling busy sales periods like Black Friday or managing inventory, LavinMQ ensures that retailers can stay on top of their operations without any hiccups.” Christina Dahlén

Why we love LavinMQ

Most wanted messaging features in one broker

> 1M msg/s


LavinMQ provides fast messaging across systems.

Wide client & Language support

Enables integration across platforms with broad client language support.

Flexible Routing

LavinMQ offers flexible message routing and filtering based on criteria like message properties or destination addresses for efficient messaging.

AMQP 0.9.1 Protocol

AMQP 0.9.1 is a messaging protocol recognized for its reliability and efficiency in application and system communication.

Acknowledgements and Confirms

In LavinMQ, acknowledgments and confirms guarantee no message loss, guaranteeing reliable message delivery.

Single Binary

LavinMQ comes as a single binary, making it easy to install and manage.

Stream Queue

Support persistent message storage and replay from any point without duplication. Perfect for large-scale fanouts and real-time streaming.

Unlimited Queue Length

LavinMQ supports queue lengths that are nearly unlimited, with the only limitation being the available disk space.


Replication in LavinMQ ensures data safety and availability by duplicating it across brokers.

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