LavinMQ adds support for max message size

LavinMQ, the new, fast message broker developed by the experts at CloudAMQP, keeps getting better and better! Recently added support for max message size is the latest feature. What does this mean, and why is it important? You’ll find out if you keep reading!

What is LavinMQ?

Created by CloudAMQP, LavinMQ is the new open-source message broker that’s not only faster, but it’s also easier to use. Throughout its ten years of experience hosting, tweaking, and maintaining message brokers, CloudAMQP built LavinMQ to be easy to use, full of great features, and quick to implement.

LavinMQ takes the already-easy concept of message queues, making it even easier and beginner-friendly. Most developers have made rookie mistakes when first learning how to configure message queues, but LavinMQ looks to simplify message queueing for everyone, including beginners. LavinMQ requires minimal configuration and can be up and running very quickly.

What is max message size?

Newly added to LavinMQ, max_message_size is the largest allowed upper limit of message payload size. Any message with a payload larger than the upper limit will be rejected. The default value has been and still is at 128MB. However, with version 1.0.0-beta.3, the value is now configurable, and users can adjust LavinMQ to their needs. Messages larger than the max size will be rejected.

Why are message size limits important?

Message size limits are an essential mechanism to control resource use, ensuring that the system will remain running and reliable for users. LavinMQ likes smaller messages because larger messages take longer to process. Large messages not only occupy a lot of RAM and disk, but they can also make it hard to start the broker.

It’s free to create your own LavinMQ instance

LavinMQ is built with the foundation of CloudAMQP’s ten years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of message brokers. Sign up via CloudAMQP for your free managed LavinMQ instance and start exploring LavinMQ. Feel free to send us a message on what you think of our new creation!