Use case

Optimizing logistics and transportation with LavinMQ

Message queues are widespread, aiding IT systems in communication across all of society. They work by storing messages in a queue until they are processed by the receiving system.

In transportation technology, message queues are used in taxi firms, logistics services, and food delivery. LavinMQ plays a key role here, helping different parts of the system communicate.

Streamlined communication

LavinMQ can act as a central communication hub, enabling, for example, taxi firms and delivery services to exchange real-time data through a message queue. During peak hours, when demand increases, LavinMQ ensures that ride requests, delivery orders, and other information are quickly passed between dispatch centers and drivers.

The requests or tasks are added to a queue and handled by other system parts when convenient.

Efficient delivery management

Delivery services rely on timely coordination between warehouses, delivery personnel, and customers. With LavinMQ, these companies can exchange GPS data or track packages accurately, manage inventory effectively, and provide customers with real-time delivery updates, all through the message queue.

Optimized food delivery

Food delivery companies’ IT systems use LavinMQ to manage orders efficiently, track delivery drivers in real time, and notify customers promptly about any changes in order status by handling the communication and workflow via a message queue.

Here is an example from a food delivery app:

  1. Order placed: You order food from the app or website.
  2. Sending order details: The order details are sent, including pickup location, delivery address, and special instructions. LavinMQ acts as a central communication hub, facilitating real-time data exchange between different system components.
  3. Order queued: Your order details are placed in a message queue, where they await their turn, similar to waiting for a ticket number to be processed by the company’s system.
  4. Matching with drivers: The system finds a delivery driver nearby.
  5. Driver assigned: The system tells the driver where to go to pick up your food, again communicating through the message queue.
  6. Driver delivers: The driver picks up your order and brings it to your doorstep.
  7. Updating progress: You get updates on your phone about when the driver accepts, picks up, and delivers your order.

Scalability and reliability

By harnessing a queue-based system, LavinMQ enables a scalable architecture. It empowers them to handle increasing data volumes and growing customer demands. Moreover, its reliability guarantees uninterrupted service, even during peak periods of activity.

Why we love LavinMQ

Most wanted messaging features in one broker

> 1M msg/s


LavinMQ provides fast messaging across systems.

Wide client & Language support

Enables integration across platforms with broad client language support.

Flexible Routing

LavinMQ offers flexible message routing and filtering based on criteria like message properties or destination addresses for efficient messaging.

AMQP 0.9.1 Protocol

AMQP 0.9.1 is a messaging protocol recognized for its reliability and efficiency in application and system communication.

Acknowledgements and Confirms

In LavinMQ, acknowledgments and confirms guarantee no message loss, guaranteeing reliable message delivery.

Single Binary

LavinMQ comes as a single binary, making it easy to install and manage.

Stream Queue

Support persistent message storage and replay from any point without duplication. Perfect for large-scale fanouts and real-time streaming.

Unlimited Queue Length

LavinMQ supports queue lengths that are nearly unlimited, with the only limitation being the available disk space.


Replication in LavinMQ ensures data safety and availability by duplicating it across brokers.

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