Year in Review - 2023's Key Moments

As we bid farewell to an eventful 2023, it’s with pride and excitement that we reflect on the progress LavinMQ has made throughout the year. From expanding our horizons on CloudAMQP to unveiling cutting-edge features and growing our community, this years journey has been a rewarding experience.

CloudAMQP Partnership

The highlight of the year was undoubtedly our collaboration with CloudAMQP, featuring LavinMQ on eight new plans. This partnership has opened doors to a broader user base, and we’re thrilled to work closely with you to provide seamless solutions. For those interested in exploring managed LavinMQ, check out LavinMQ plans & pricing at CloudAMQP.

Feature Highlights

Beyond our work on CloudAMQP plans, we stayed true to our strengths – delivering exciting new features and cutting-edge solutions. The first stable release of LavinMQ version 1.0.0 marked a huge milestone for the project.

Version 1.0.0 was quickly followed by version 1.1.0 introducing the efficiency enhancement of memory mapping files on demand. Memory mapping files on demand is a feature that allows LavinMQ to map files to memory only when needed, which reduces the memory footprint of the broker and ensures an even smoother user experience.

After that the new Stream queues feature warranted another major version release, version 1.2.0. The stream queue is a new type of queue that allows for a stream of messages to be consumed by multiple consumers. This feature is particularly useful for use cases where multiple consumers need to consume the same stream of messages.

We are looking forward to many new releases in 2024, and would love to hear your input on what features you would like to see in LavinMQ. Join our Slack channel and let us know what you think!

Building Community

Taking our passion for message queuing on the road, our team embarked on a European tour. Starting out in Brussels, where we participated in Voxxed Days where our team member Lovisa Johansson delivered an engaging talk titled “To Queue or Not to Queue: That Is the Question”.

After an amazing time in Brussels we made our way to Italy and spent a weekend in Florence. During this stay we participated in PyCon, engaging with the Python community to discuss efficient network applications. A special highlight was Niyor Clement and Christina Dahlén sharing insights on Efficient Communication Between Python Microservices using LavinMQ.

At last we also made a stop in Germany, Berlin, where we joined the Crystal Community at CrystalConf. Here, Christina took the opportunity to share some insights on how we leverage Crystal in our day-to-day coding, and how we work with performance critical code in the LavinMQ project with the talk “The path to performance”. It was an insightful couple of days where we got up to speed on the latest developments in the language.

In the digital realm, we took a step further by launching our own Slack community, which has rapidly grown to over 80 members. This space provides an excellent platform for discussions, questions, and collaborative problem-solving. With 310 stars on our GitHub repository and 87 satisfied CloudAMQP customers, our online presence is steadily gaining momentum.

Future Outlook

While we may still be a relatively small presence, our commitment to growth is larger than ever. As we look to the future, our focus is on enhancing the user experience of LavinMQ. This involves a multi-faceted approach, beginning with the expansion and enhancement of our message broker. Improved features, support for multi-threading, and enhanced replication capabilities are visions we are investing in. Simultaneously, we’re rolling out new plans and features on CloudAMQP to enrich and diversify the platform. To further bolster usability, an effort is underway to revamp the website and console design, promising a fresh and intuitive interface.

In summary, 2023 has been a year of meaningful progress for LavinMQ. We are pleased to have strengthened our collaboration with CloudAMQP and introduced exciting new features, all while prioritising community engagement. As we anticipate the future, our commitment lies in refining user experience, with plans for message broker enhancements and a console redesign. We want to thank users and enthusiasts for all of the support received throughout the year and look forward to continued improvement in 2024.